Milwaukee County Labor Council AFL-CIO

May 25, 2016

About Us

A Message From Sheila

Organizing for economic and social justice in the workplace and community.

About Us

Our mission is your first greeting as you look at this site. It should be. That is the job of this federation.

The Milwaukee County Labor Council, AFL-CIO, does not organize workers into unions. But we support and energize our affiliated unions in their efforts to do so. It is one of the most important things we do. Just as it is for our parent organization, the National AFL-CIO, and the newly formed Change to Win, and our sister organizations such as the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO and the other Central Labor Councils around the state and the nation.

We are the women and men of the labor movement, and our work, professions and affiliations are very important on our jobs and in our community.

Organizing is our life's blood. It is the engine through which we build.

But it is not the only thing we do, as you will see when touring

We are politically active in legislative, city and county initiatives. In order to build a strong community for social justice, we must raise our voices. We research, meet, talk to and back candidates that support working families. And we monitor how well they do.

About Us

We participate in the issues that are important to our community. Working families issues come first, ahead of candidates and parties. So we inform and mobilize our members - and we strive to keep them informed to support candidates and elected officials who truly help working families.

Workers are our focus. They will always be our focus. Thus "organizing for economic justice" equates to a stronger social fabric and a stronger community.

Milwaukee is our home. We are driven by our mission. Our programs are designed to build the community we live in. Every worker — no matter who they are, where they work, and what they do — deserves a voice at work and we do our best to assist that voice.

The affiliated members of the AFL-CIO and Change to Win, as well as our constituency groups and community partners, work side by side with many others to advance a common goal, a better life for working people and their families.

Thank you for visiting us and come back often to learn more about us and what we're doing.

Sheila D. Cochran
Chief Operating Officer
Milwaukee County Labor Council, AFL-CIO