Milwaukee County Labor Council AFL-CIO

May 29, 2016

AFL-CIO Community Services

AFL-CIO Community Services

The Milwaukee County Labor Council, AFL-CIO, is bread and butter to the United Way, leading in both strategies and legwork to elevate workplace giving and volunteerism. Through the AFL-CIO Community Services and its staff of field mobilizers and workplace liaisons, the MCLC is deeply involved in the annual campaign to raise awareness and money for the diverse community agencies under the United Way umbrella.

Union councils and their locals also provide direct help through treasury gifts, volunteer efforts and special charitable support. During the community campaign, they meet monthly as a Labor Cabinet.

The AFL-CIO Community Services, tapping into a state and national AFL-CIO network for advice and development, helps workers in trouble with tools and publicity, and they focus on charitable campaigns and workplace initiatives for United Way. It's double duty for the full-time staff of three field mobilizers, serving as both a major arm of the Milwaukee County Labor Council and the United Way itself.

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The MCLC secretary-treasurer, Sheila D. Cochran, sits on the United Way board as the labor representative and also oversees the field mobilizers. Other union leaders are part of United Way's top committees of community support.

The Labor Kick-Off event for the campaign each September also provides labor's most distinguished community service award to a union member or group providing distinguished service. Named in honor of an active labor and United Way leader, the Werner J. Schaefer Community Service Award is chosen by a local committee formed by AFL-CIO Community Services.

One of the campaigns begun by the Community Services team is now a vital annual success for Milwaukee's homeless shelters, which cut way back on budgeting for health and hygiene products because of the huge gifts of new items (contributed by shoppers and local unions and purchased from union stores) provided through the Health & Hygiene Drive each spring.

To contact the field mobilizers, stop by Suite 106 at 633 S. Hawley Rd. in Milwaukee (a few doors down from the MCLC's central office). You could also contact Annie Wacker at (414) 771-9830 or, and/or Mike Balistriere at (414) 771-9829 or