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May 28, 2016

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"Tax Breaks Abound in Wisconsin, but Job Growth Remains Slow "
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Walker’s Medicaid refusal typical of his trickery

Union principles gain ballot influence even as membership shrinks

City charter system smells of insider trading cronyism

Examples of shallow abound in media coverage

Outside Walmarts, that Black Friday cult hears an old hymnal

Older white guys learned their ballot control days are over

“As Goes Janesville” informs as it rises above partisan politics

Debate proved you would buy a used car from Romney

Romney taken out with trash for 47% remarks

Lohr’s blue velvet rubbing red out of District 20

Whitefish Bay’s Rogers typifies revolution in politics

Listen to the street: The Underdogs are rising!

From Brookfield to Tosa 2 defy GOP expectations

Fear of ‘welfare’ tests so well that Romney can’t resist lying in ads

Akin on rape opened larger can of GOP worms

Craven Romney reflects desperate blundering of new GOP

JS shills for extremists to explain progressive gains

Dems salute Wisconsin’s gift to Obama, Paul Ryan

Progressives and newcomers dominate Milwaukee election

Legislator strikes back at late dirty tricks

Racial politics among dirty tricks marring primary

No hand-me-down, Senate District 6 race heats up

Barnes gathers aggressive support to unseat Jason Fields

Outdated thinking impedes Pasch’s desire to serve District 10

How Fred Kessler gets under GOP skin

JoCasta preaches success on election trail

Young Riemer stresses own voice in first campaign

Do voters know 9 legislative contests in Milwaukee end Aug. 14?

NLRB blocks Palermo election to investigate charges

Some unnatural tilts in media coverage from vouchers to cops

Union members need to grow up confronting opposition

Piggly wiggles around federal court by threatening to close store

AZ law wiped out as Supremes sing own tune

US trade deals mine greed not gold

Pundits run amuck explaining Walker win

The day JS lost all credibility

Sad how June 5 repeated 2010

On election eve, applaud amazing civility

Bill Clinton puts Recall in perspective

Beep-beep! Wile E. Walker run down in second debate

Walker hopes money deflects star power – and facts

Wake up screaming ‘Nixon! Walker!’

Barrett offers unions his reason to Recall Walker

Who won the debate is easy – real question is final impact

Despite national skeptics, Walker $$$ no victory guarantee

The inside story of JS letting Walker duck candor

Hidden tales behind the viral expose of a coward

Calling Nurse Walker – your outfit is ready

Looming Walker defeat alarms locked-out moderates in GOP

Moderne’s risk taker defies wiseguy odds

Crafty social insights honored on national TV May 11

No surprises May 8 but belated first step toward recovery

Has McCarthyism revived in today’s recall climate?

New online services offered by labor council

Beneath the hype, readers need to catch the ‘Drift’

Who runs the real Democrats taking on Walker?

Falk or Barrett? Worried GOP simply attacks both

Moore, Chisholm, USW signal fresh significance of Workers Memorial Day

Election goofs ID the unprepared -- it's GOP

Chips fly both ways in City Hall jobs debate

Gwen Moore personalizes rape in House speech

Walker the shadow discoloring April 3 election

How Walker hijacked foreclosure settlement

GOP, Grothman split pants in takeover of MATC
Updated March 20

Politics seen in delay of Milwaukee jobs projects

Judge halts photo ID law for April 3 election

From redistricting on, look out for the Snowe job

Obama puts Master Lock jobs first as political storm evaporates

Conspiracy nuts greet every corruption probe

The primary provides hints at best – at worst media over-reach

Even to scrupulous thinkers, John Doe ensnares Walker

Latino growth could flip state politics – but will it?

Despite 2011 victory, danger signs stalk United Way

Labor endorsements dump familiar, ring in fervor and stiff the status quo

John Doe rips open Walker’s ugly patterns

Act 10 set to demolish fair play at the polls

Walker flipped recall off, now opposed by a million points of light

Felons bill a classic case of fear, power run amuck

It’s state politics that turn changes ugly

Bloomberg blew it as Occupy spans America

With recall inevitable, Walker seeks to keep his own party from deserting

Klee-fwha? Rebwho? That required recall sideshow

Lawyers caught mapping and then getting plain silly

Frontier Airlines debacle exposes how the biggest suckers wear suits

Put truth of voucher tax on city bill, MPS asks

A Lesson for Wisconsin’s School Children About Being Stepped On

Ohio gets sanity ball rolling, Walker next to 'bounce'

GOP buffoons are spurring Walker’s recall

PBS crew threads Wisconsin to capture artist Agnew

The nuts and bolts and subtext of Recall Walker

A smaller, firmer Occupy targets the Hood

So edgy. So American. The Occupy movement

Turns out Congress is broken -- not the US Postal Service

Game on! Why Recall Walker movement starts its engine

Court challenges await GOP voter exclusion law

Rejected in Wisconsin, reborn across US: Paid sick days

Will more women in public office solve what ails America?

At last! But what inspired media heat on ALEC?

Behind the media mendacity about Laborfest

IWF unclogs SC Johnson as serial tax avoider

Progressive women in public office emerge as key to future

Notables lead LERA parade of speakers

Recall failures delude GOP into inflating numbers

Campaign Wars Part 3: The snake oil that Walker is good for schools

Political Notes: Money exceeds ideas in recall campaigns

IWF’s new research reveals state’s tax avoiders

Psst. Explore Milwaukee’s free festival secret

Street energy wars with big ad money in senate race

Campaign Wars Part 2: According to GOP ads, Doyle is running!

GOP has more ad money but opposition has better arguments

Elections clarify state mood, political strategies

One Potter was enough for Bedford Falls, but for America?

Wisconsin’s childish attempt at a jobs bill

No surprise but potent signposts as fake Dems fail heavily

Recalls, redistricting help expose GOP playbook

Some in media further confuse voters as 2011 elections loom

Lying in your mailbox – Darling’s pretext on SeniorCare

From courts to recalls, political trickery abounds

GOP primarily delays day of reckoning in six July contests

A special game show for our election freak show

Stall tactic delays county common sense move to bargaining table
with June 10 news update

Sumi lets the sunshine in – and the storm clouds gather

Who’s behind the boycotts? Turns out unions are not

Golden Oldie: How Walker's ego and empty head dismayed followers

Speculators rush in as Kohl steps aside

A memory for Wisconsin in John Gilman’s life

Those sudden Prosser votes and the strangely sheepish GOP

Dems up-end D.C. fluffball hearing to embarrass Walker

As the world watches, most of Wisconsin can't see itself

Scholar exposes rot in Walker’s approach to worker rights

Many threads combine in big recall news

Citizens skewer GOP with insight into education bills

Recall fever! Inside the strategy on both sides

Walker erases himself along with public trust

Will Walker’s ‘budget for his buddies’ fool the public?

Imagine what 7,500 surprise votes should tell us

The Supreme adult stands up election night whatever the outcome

Abele runs strong while opponent is frozen in his Walker

Respected county fiscal hawk supports Abele

New Congress despite rhetoric has huge shoes to fill

On important April 5, THIS is the Supreme race

Obama has hardly been silent about Wisconsin protests

Nov. 2 revealed what FDR had and Obama didn’t

Abele, seeking Walker's old job, stands with workers in Madison

How 14 have halted not one but two budget havocs

A timely thank you from labor’s Sheila Cochran

Madison Update: Walker's Folly, Wis 14, recalls, police remorse

WEAC needs to be sent to the principle’s office

Labor Press triumphs in major journalism contest
Moore surprises journalist with honor

Mining group fought for opposing El Salvador environmental rules

New leaders charge up State AFL-CIO

ACTION! -- new political newspaper -- now on the streets
First two editions now online

Even in loss, Feingold made trade politically sexy

Tax hell? New studies chill that lingering state myth

Plale’s loss to Larson and Walker’s tactics may expose the price of being an attack dog

Meet the wimps blocking the railroad tracks

Obama charges up Laborfest with new ideas and the need to fight on

'Poster Child for Corporate Greed" Leads to Trumka Call

A tale of two wives on the campaign trail

As coal mining deaths mount, so does proof of industry indifference to workers

Final details of Obama’s speech at Laborfest

Obama Will Speak at Milwaukee’s Laborfest in Company of Trumka, Solis
Hours Extended to 7 p.m.

In Milwaukee, a bad sheriff faces a real lawman

The empty sheriff and the quirks of primary politics

A road sign? Or more puffery from sheriff?

Supported by unions, Harris easily wins seat on County Board

Demons of Socialism arise in John Nichols’ lecture

Improvements, neglect herald Workers Memorial Day
Wage Theft Now DOL Target

Yet again Journal Co. earns an F in education insight

Walker and Clark: True crimes and misdemeanors at county

Milwaukee smear typifies misguided journalism

Mercury Marine Saga proves media bilge -- updated Nov. 6

Help for Haiti will be ongoing union campaign

Barrett’s ‘cynical’ decision puts city Dems in bind

Luggage will restore dignity to foster children

Walker budget shoves workers around, now supporter does same on TV news

United Way rallies labor as key to its success

Let’s imagine Milwaukee Schools’ politicized future

Rally pulls the plug on myths, sends Congress back to ‘get it done’

Peoples' Puppets join Laborfest Parade

In wake of fire, UFCW urges help for families

Labor in the Pulpits returns in good health

Wells Fargo took US $$$ now refuses to fight for US jobs

Online helps jobless while keeping an eye on CEOs

Sick leave decision heads for appeal, spurs national effort

Labor Rights crucial in workers’ May 1 marches

Health-Hygiene items again flow to homeless shelters

Link up to the need for Employee Free Choice Act

What media missed in 'Miracle on Hudson'

The secret weapon in Obama’s victory

POLITICAL NOTES: Barrett calls in sick on referendum

POLITICAL NOTES: Ryan, desperate to be a Dem?

Hundreds decry Walker job cuts at county

POLITICS: Zeidler, Palin -- one of these socialists is not like the other

Thinking out loud: Why Obama's winning

This Union City fights back on Labor Day

McCain's VP choice insults voters AND families

Have you done all you can? A question from the Labor Council

Sick days campaign encounters journalistic waffling

Blunt Moore explains backing of economic act

Pasch wins a close one in Sept. 9 primary

Backstage and upfront with Obama at Laborfest

Dispute with TMJ4 goes to NLRB and the streets

Need facts in political debates? Help is here

Midwest unions expose corporate strategy

Obama to speak at Laborfest in special rally for workers

New website accompanies AFL-CIO endorsement of Obama

Elaine’s shame is also Bush’s

Union files against Journal Communications

Unions push for Pasch in busy Sept. 9 primary

Obama speaks for Janesville even as he wins nomination

Bush pols at DOL cripple unions with oppressive paper

Deaths on job deeply trouble USW leader

Global unions work to help cyclone victims

May 1 march urges real attention to immigration reform

Ugly blast from our innuendo past an omen for more than Butler

McCain’s dark side a gift to Democrats

NLRB postpones election at Capital Returns

Zeidler legacy honored in new events

Journalism fails duty in Butler race

Mortgage crisis prompts AFL-CIO to host "Save My Home" Hotline

Volunteers go to work for Lena Taylor, others

Politics, union expansion to be heralded at open house

ACORN drive aims to add low-income voters

Union leaders quickly back Taylor for county exec

To better serve and win, labor restructures all its state councils

Media visit to New Orleans includes top honor for Labor Press

Fighting to teach labor history

Miller-Coors combine affects union talks

Strike exposes GM issues, leads to Big Three deals

Camp Wellstone meets Milwaukee

Chavez-Thompson resigns top AFL-CIO position

GOP creates state budget mischief

AFL-CIO Forum stirs presidential shocks, themes

Union voices from Iraq share vision here

Tough races, mixed results in April 3 2007 election

Media Fails School Board Races: And Just Who Is Funding Bruce Thompson and Jeff Spence?

How media fails voters: Supreme Court

Ziegler's judicial ethics emerge as key issue in Supreme Court race

From courts to schools, primary sets quite a table for April 3

Union court action saves Christmas for 108 county workers and leads to broad new proposal for new year

Doyle and Dems set to turn country around

Laborfest 2006: Double the Size, Double the Celebration

Blast From Obama's Past