Milwaukee County Labor Council AFL-CIO

May 31, 2016

Community Services Liaisons & Field Mobilization

Educate, Agitate and MOBILIZE.

Community Services Liaisons & Field Mobilization
Annie Wacker, also vice president of the MCLC, hosts the finale thank-you event for the Health & Hygiene Drive.

Our philosophy is to improve the lives of workers and their families by meeting their human and social service needs; by building broad and diverse coalitions to promote and protect dignity and justice for workers; and by empowering workers and their Unions to make their communities better, more responsive places to live, work, raise a family and retire.

Community Services Liaisons & Field Mobilization
Mike Balistriere is a constant presence at union rallies and workplace meetings.

Our staff is about supporting you!

The Milwaukee County Labor Council Community Services and Field Mobilization staff coordinates and/or assists in many activities and events throughout the Milwaukee community, including Laborfest, the Health & Hygiene Drive to benefit local shelters, St. Ben's Meal Program, and the Wisconsin AFL-CIO Community Services Conference. The staff also assists local labor unions with issue campaigns, organizing, strike assistance, as well as support for local and national initiatives. The liaison staff works with local labor unions and the United Way of Greater Milwaukee in formulating workplace giving campaign strategies to increase charitable giving.

Community Services Liaisons & Field Mobilization
Jay Reinke of the UAW became the third full-time field mobilizer in September of 2006.

For more information on how we can help you with your mobilizing efforts, visit us at:

MCLC Community Services Liaisons & Field Mobilization
633 S. Hawley Road, Suite 106
Milwaukee, WI 53214

Phone: (414) 771-9829