Milwaukee County Labor Council AFL-CIO

May 31, 2016

We are Milwaukee Labor!
Organizing for economic and
social justice in the workplace
and community.

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We plow your street, lay your cable, educate your children, put out fires, grow your parks, clean your teeth, unplug your sewers, fly your planes, build your highways, keep your lights on, entertain you...

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We are working Milwaukee — nurses, laborers, construction workers, engineers, school principals, truck drivers, machinists, social workers, musicians, janitors, horticulturists, painters and others. Together we fight for family-supporting wages, health care, environmental safety and basic laws that respect basic rights. Children gain from our involvement in education and charities. Grandparents are protected by our endeavors. Communities grow through our social involvement.

Dig into our news and issues. Discover more of who we are, how to volunteer, how we'd love to have even more union members but how much of what we do improves life for all our neighbors.

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